First Baptist Church of Hope
FBC of Hope Ministry Staff
 Mark Walker - Pastor   email:
Pastor Mark is married to his amazing wife, Molli, and they have three children. Their oldest is Micah, whom they adopted from Russia when he was 22 months old and he is an active young man who loves soccer, basketball, and running. Caleb is their second oldest son, their first born middle, as he was born 6 months before Micah was adopted. Caleb enjoys baseball. Then God blessed them with Clara, and she is truly a blessing. She enjoys friends, volleyball and cheerleading.
Pastor Mark accepted a call to ministry his junior year at Taylor University. He began in youth ministry as a way to reach young people during that critical time in life when they are maturing and making choices and decisions that will impact their entire life. Building that strong foundation in Christ at an early age is so critical to living that Christian life fully. After  17 years God's call moved him into the lead pastor role to serve God's church as the whole body and family of Christ. It is his prayer to see what the church can truly be when we come together in unity with the single purpose of living a life of worship and service to Jesus Ministry has been a joy and challenge over the years and it continues to be an honor to serve God and His Church.
Jamie Renner - Student Ministries Pastor  email:
Jamie has been married to his wife Brenda for almost 16 years, and they have four children. Their oldest is Lexi and she currently lives in Illinois, and works at a restaurant. Cole is their second oldest and he enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with his friends. Noah is the middle child and he loves to fly drones and enjoys swimming. During the summer of 2015 God brought another Lexi into their lives and they currently are her guardians. She enjoys playing with her Barbie’s and chases her brothers around.
Jamie became the Student ministries pastor in May of 2017.   He serves because he wants to be the example of what he needed in his own life as a young adult to address challenges and make decisions based on the principles that Jesus left with us.
Becky Crowder - Children's Ministries Director  email:
Becky Crowder is married to Lucas Crowder. They have 5 children, Kedrick, Kaleb, Adelaide, Annamarie, and Jacquelyn. The boys enjoy 4-H, soccer, basketball, and Hands of Hope. Addy enjoys soccer, basketball, and girls scouts. She is also looking forward to joining 4-H and loves jumping on the trampoline. Anna and Jacque are doing their best to keep up with the others. 
Becky has an elementary education degree from Purdue University. She feels blessed to use her degree in a way that helps kids grow and develop their relationship with Jesus Christ. As Children's Ministry Director, Becky plans and organizes classes and activities for kids aging from birth to 6th grade. Some of those activities include Sunday School, Nursery Children's Worship Hour, Camp, Vacation Bible School, Operation Christmas Child and other activities throughout the year.
Melissa Vermillion - Worship Ministries  email:
Melissa has been married to her husband Daniel, a veterinarian, for 33 years! She met him the summer before he entered Vet school as he was assisting an established Veterinarian in Terre Haute, IN. She brought her dogs in for shots, the rest is history...   They have a 21 year old son, Steven, who is currently a junior English major at Taylor University, and they have been adoptive parents to 12 animals over the years, seven which have been rescues. 
Melissa felt called to Worship Ministry because she says "music is the voice of my soul". She believes she is blessed and fortunate to be able to use the gifts and talents God has given her with other talented people on the praise team. 
Sharon Waltz - Outreach Ministries
Sharon Waltz is married to Ron, and they have 4 adult children and a daughter-in-law. 
Sharon works to coordinate activities and events related to Outreach for the church.
Larry Martin - Technical Ministries  email:
Larry and his wife Holly have been married nearly 22 years. They have 2 children, Ashlyn, an artistic 17 year old high school senior, and Jacob, a 13 year old 8th grader who enjoys fishing and video games.
Larry was drawn to the Technical Ministry by his interest and enjoyment of computers, music and most other things related to technology. Larry enjoys using his technical knowledge to help others and hopes to see how the use of technology can further God's work. When he's not behind a computer Larry also plays drums in the church Praise band.
Office Helpers
Monday - Sara Carter
Tuesday - Melissa Vermillion
Wednesday - Delores Ault
Thursday - Sharon Waltz
Lynn Thayer


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